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AutoPatavium in Padua is a car showroom born from the passion for cars, speed and the search for the highest performances in the automotive field of the two partners who still today, with renewed enthusiasm and more experience, represent the best of the new and used car market in Padua and its provinces.

Entering and discovering the AutoPatavium fleet means finding superior cars, brands that have written fundamental pages in the history of motoring, innovating, discovering and revolutionizing the very concept of engines and design applied to this world.

Looking to the future since 1979

Discover AutoPatavium’s fleet of cars means finding superior cars, the history of motoring, innovating, discovering and revolutionising the very concept of engines and design applied to this world.

The focus has been and will always be on the future, favouring the discovery of new and innovative visual elements and nuances.

We offer sports and luxury cars of the highest level, designed to transfer functional and dynamic qualities into emotional lines, the constant search for innovation and the ability to anticipate and define the trends that have marked past years and will influence future ones.


An absolute level of pre- and after-sales service, the result of experience and professionalism acquired. The word that sums up the line taken towards customers is “certainty”, a real guarantee before and after the purchase, both for the second-hand market and for new cars.

An attentive, capable and as dynamic as possible bodywork and workshop service, built around a team of professional and experienced mechanics. In addition, for both the used car market and the purchase of new cars, we offer leasing or finance payments to manage the buying process as smoothly as possible.